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Getting a divorce in Wisconsin

The main ground for divorce in this state is when marriage is proven to be "irretrievably broken down” and partners no longer want to be together. In Wisconsin courts, the judge will likely consider matrimony irretrievably broken down even if one spouse decides to end the marriage.

You are eligible for a divorce if at least one spouse was living in Wisconsin for 180 days prior to filing for divorce in Wisconsin online. Furthermore, it is essential to note that one of you must have been living in a particular county for 30 calendar days minimum. If neither partner meets these requirements, it might be feasible to initiate the divorce process in another state.

If you no longer live with your husband/wife by the time you decide to file for divorce, you can initiate divorce in either your own or your partner’s state and county. You can check which state or county laws and regulations are simpler to follow.

If you decide to proceed without a lawyer’s assistance (which is absolutely possible), please make sure you address it to the correct county. It might not be the same county you were married in, however it should be the county you lived in for the last month in WI. The state of Wisconsin has 72 counties, and each might have one or a few family courts or circuit courts that deal with family claims. It is mandatory that you bring divorce filings in Wisconsin to your circuit court.

Divorce is never a simple process, however if you are interested in a quick divorce in Wisconsin, it might be best to consider filing for Wisconsin divorce online. However, this is only possible if it is an uncontested divorce, which means that you and your spouse have no claims and no debates over anything in your marriage and want to end it voluntarily. You have already decided on matters related to shared property, children, finances, debts and any other claims that arise during the legal termination of your marriage. In this case, filing for divorce in Wisconsin online may be the best option for you.

An online divorce has numerous advantages, like:

Clarity and accessibility of the necessary documents to initiate divorce

A rather cheap divorce in Wisconsin, because there’s no need to pay various attorney fees

An explanation of the step by step process to do it online.

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Do it yourself divorce in Wisconsin

If you are wondering whether it is possible to have a do it yourself divorce in Wisconsin, the answer is absolutely, as long as it is uncontested. It is possible to file for divorce online in Wisconsin, and our experts are here to help you prepare all the documents you need to get divorced without extra fees to pay for the lawyer’s services.

Wisconsin do-it-yourself divorce is simple if you have all the necessary Wisconsin divorce filings and papers. If you don’t have those forms on hand, our service is the best solution.

Filing for divorce in WI

If you want to file for divorce in Wisconsin, first you need to decide if you are filing alone or with your spouse. After that, both of you need to file the GF-179, also known as the confidential petition. If you have already resolved all disagreements, you might file the stipulation of the temporary order. If you are filing by yourself, you need to send copies of the Wisconsin divorce papers to your spouse. Serving divorce papers in Wisconsin can be done by mail, by the sheriff’s office, or by a process server employee, and then you must present proof that the documents were delivered. If for some reason there are problems that prevent you from delivering the papers to your spouse, you then are obliged to post a publication. In this case you will need forms FA-4123 and FA-4122. The publication should be either in a newspaper in the county where the spouse resides or in the municipality and should be posted 3 weeks in a row. If you are interested in filing for divorce in Wisconsin, forms can be found on our website.

If you are filing for divorce in Wisconsin without a lawyer, all the divorce forms in Wisconsin should be filed at the county’s court clerk. Some fees will apply in accordance with your circuit court policy.

Divorce papers in Wisconsin

There are different types of divorce papers in WI depending on your situation, particularly if you have kids. You can file paperwork separately or together with your spouse. If both of you are ready to file for divorce, but your partner is unable to do so for some reason, you can initiate it yourself.

Please note that some couples decide to settle all the disputes or claims and file for uncontested divorce, however, by the time of their hearing they may actually have some disagreements. So, in order not to complicate the process and cause delays, make sure to meditate any disagreements prior to filing divorce papers in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin divorce papers should be brought to the circuit court, and then they will be reviewed by the judge. It takes at least 120 days for the judge to finalize your claim to terminate the marriage. Please keep in mind that in Wisconsin it might take more time depending on the complexity of the case, availability of partners and the way they reached their agreement. If you have an uncontested divorce, it is better to process your Wisconsin divorce papers online to avoid feeling like the process has been an ordeal for both partners. After the process is finalized by the judge, the partners cannot re-marry or get married with other people for the next 180 days.

After you’ve provided the court clerk with your divorce papers in Wisconsin and the wait time has passed, there should be a default hearing (since it is an uncontested divorce) where the judge reads aloud all the points that were settled, and in most cases the process is then finalized.

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Filing for divorce in Wisconsin:
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In this section we review three different options you can choose from when filing for divorce in Wisconsin.

01 The Traditional Way

It may take a lot of time as you will need to take all these things into account:

  • Attorney’s availability - Your divorce might take months if your lawyer has a tight schedule.
  • Misunderstandings - Communication may become very stressful for both sides.
  • Lack of knowledge - As for Wisconsin divorce, filing out the documents requires extra knowledge of legal procedures.
  • High price - Get ready to spend thousands of dollars.


This option is a fully guided and effortless one. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cheap - Filing for divorce in Wisconsin without a lawyer significantly decreases your expenses.
  • No stress, no mountains of paperwork, no extra expenses.
  • Fast - File for divorce online in Wisconsin in a matter of minutes and get a full package of papers.

03 Other Divorce Providers

We are not sure that you’ll get what you pay for. Many of our customers decided to order with us after other divorce providers failed to provide all the documents filled out correctly. You may face the following issues:

  • No support - You can file for divorce in Wisconsin online but fail to get assistance if you need it.
  • Hidden payments - Most providers will charge extra money for obligatory forms.
  • Lots of time required for filling out the forms - To file for divorce online in Wisconsin, you are likely to wait for several weeks before you get your papers.
  • Little to no experience - Some online divorce providers are new on the market and might fail to figure out what you need.
  • No guarantees of court approval.

Wisconsin divorce forms

Here is a brief overview of the Wisconsin divorce papers or forms you might need to prepare for the process. Please note that we already have all the necessary Wisconsin divorce forms online.

If you are filing with your spouse you should file a joint petition, and there is a different variation if you have children. If you are filing a Wisconsin divorce form yourself, you need to fill out the Summons form, and there is a separate version if you have children.

The confidential petition is mandatory whether you are filing alone or as a couple. Divorce in Wisconsin forms should also include a marital agreement and financial statements. Our service has a Wisconsin divorce forms packet, which allows you to get all the paperwork needed for an uncontested divorce all in one place. State of Wisconsin divorce forms provide the necessary information for the judge to make a decision. The marital agreement form will inform the court that all disagreements were resolved and you’ve already dealt with all possible problems. The financial form is provided so the court can compare the financial statements of the partners.

The state of WI accepts divorce forms at your county’s circuit court. After you’ve submitted all the paperwork with your partner there will be a final hearing. In WI, divorce-related cases are heard by the judge him/herself. The judge will reiterate the facts about the divorce settlement, making sure both parties understand and have no objections.

Divorce paperwork in Wisconsin

Wisconsin do it yourself divorce forms are available on our website. Wisconsin divorce paperwork should be properly filled out according to the particulars of your case. After completing the whole process of filing Wisconsin divorce documents, sending a copy to your partner and the final hearing, the process should be finalized within the time-frame set by law.

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Divorce documents in Wisconsin: fast facts


The divorce packet in Wisconsin includes a large number of different forms that are rather hard to collect. Failure to find a particular form might cause lots of problems and will make the overall divorce process much more complicated.


Preparing a Wisconsin divorce kit is considered to be the most time-consuming part of your legal breakup.


Getting a divorce with the lawyer's help is very expensive. You will receive all documents needed, but hiring an attorney will cost you several thousands of dollars.

Get all the required divorce forms in Wisconsin in just a couple of clicks. No effort, no stress, no complications!

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