If you decide to file for divorce in Maricopa County, Arizona, your experience will depend entirely on the type of marriage dissolution you are going to have and the way you choose to approach it.The simplest option would be filing for uncontested divorce, and using an online service to do it.

Options for Filing in Maricopa County, Arizona



Contested Divorce

$12,000-$30,000 for each spouse.

Hard to predict. Usually around 1 year.

Online Divorce

Under $1,000

The shortest one that divorce laws in Arizona allow.

Uncontested Divorce

Around $5,000

A few months on average.

Free forms

When choosing which Maricopa County divorce papers to file, it is important to consider every aspect of your case. Having children or different types of assets and debts will significantly change the set of documents you will be required to submit. You will find some of the common divorce forms required to file in Maricopa County, Arizona, below.

***Note that these forms are an example of the documents that you will be required to fill out. In general, the court will oblige you to file more than 15 divorce forms depending on the complexity of your case.***

Couples who cannot reach an agreement on financial, property, and child-related aspects of their divorce will have to file for contested marriage dissolution. The only way they can end their marriage is by hiring lawyers and paying them huge sums for advocating on their behalf.

Those who are in agreement, can file for uncontested divorce in Maricopa County, Arizona, either with or without a lawyer. Those who do not want to hire an attorney can save both time and money by getting online divorce in Arizona.

Pros of ordering with OnlineDivorcer:

  • Affordable prices
  • 100% court approval guarantee
  • Free filing instructions
  • Full package of documents
  • Expedited service
  • Up-to-date forms
  • Flat fee regardless of the number of children
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Divorce Courts in Maricopa County, Arizona

Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County

Clerk Name:

Michael K. Jeanes

Court Address:

201 West Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona 85003





Clerk Hours:




Helpful tips

If some of the information seems unclear, it might be necessary to contact the Maricopa County court clerk. You might want to consider asking about:

  • Any additional forms that might be required specifically by this court.
  • Filing fees and other court-related expenses that you might have to cover.
  • Recent changes or updates that have not yet been reflected on their website.

While court clerks cannot provide legal advice, they can be very helpful when it comes to factual questions about court procedures and processes.

Maricopa County Notaries

Comparing fees, locations, and availability of notaries in Maricopa County, Arizona, as well as how well they answered your questions will help you make an informed decision and choose the most suitable notary for your situation. Here is the list of county notaries in the area:

Kathy Fletcher

Glendale, AZ
Phone: 602-291-9724 · Cell: 602-291-9724

Laurie Roza

Peoria, AZ
Phone: 602-930-2551

John Blakey

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-791-6190 · Cell: 602-791-6190

Jennifer Flake

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 480-292-0346

Tyler Flake

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 480-292-0346 · Cell: 480-292-0346

Jennifer Erickson

Mesa, AZ
Phone: 480-628-3622 · Cell: 480-628-3622

Mary Elwood

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 208-340-5798 · Cell: 208-340-5798

Alma Fraijo

Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 623-202-6567 · Cell: 623-202-6567

Dave Roberts

Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 623-806-8700

Colton Richardson

Peoria, AZ
Phone: 858-952-8341

Ted Green

Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: 602-410-0229 · Cell: 602-410-0229

Deborah Nicoletti

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 480-789-1500 · Cell: 480-789-1500


Glendale, AZ
Phone: 602-214-5112 · Cell: 602-214-5112

AZ Notary Services

Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: 480-516-2730 · Cell: 480-516-2730

Katherine Barrett

Sun City, AZ
Phone: 602-421-4252

Sandra Ray

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-321-6895 · Cell: 602-321-6895

Lynda Hughes

Peoria, AZ
Phone: 602-741-3923 · Cell: 602-741-3923

Amy Davenport

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 928-243-1480 · Cell: 928-243-1480

Matthew Cain

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 480-620-9635

Heather Wood

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 480-604-9253 · Cell: 480-604-9253

Megan Foster

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 816-352-3502

Melanie Carrillo

Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 623-473-6698 · Cell: 623-473-6698

John Kraiss

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 480-518-4428

Kay Cannon

Surprise, AZ
Phone: 623-476-9606 · Cell: 623-476-9606

Bradley Feinberg

Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: 602-770-7149 · Cell: 602-770-7149

Onti's Mobile Notary

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-486-0955 · Cell: 602-486-0955

A'Myracle 24/7 Mobile Notary LLC

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 623-383-0546 · Cell: 623-383-0546

Lisa Wielenga

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 928-200-7952

Dave Furlong

El Mirage, AZ
Phone: 602-790-7110

Bellissimo Notary

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 480-269-6594

Matthew Faulkner

Peoria, AZ
Phone: 602-654-9779 · Cell: 602-654-9779

Linoska Garcia

Buckeye, AZ
Phone: 623-628-7361

Shealtiel Wallace

Mesa, AZ
Phone: 818-442-8177 · Cell: 818-442-8177

Jennifer Carter

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 214-843-8778 · Cell: 214-843-8778

Lori Biddlecome

Queen Creek, AZ
Phone: 480-217-3635 · Cell: 480-217-3635

Doris Mitchell-Trice

Sun City,, AZ
Phone: 415-902-0917

Matt Puzz

Mesa, AZ
Phone: 602-410-9333

Stacie Griswold

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 480-208-5545

Carol Levin

Sun City West, AZ
Phone: 949-633-3281

Marvin Gunn

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 612-849-8350

Brooke Sinclair

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 484-387-9240

Mark Stephenson

Avondale, AZ
Phone: 602-529-5898

Del Frohlich

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-284-4600

Danika Martin

Waddell, AZ
Phone: 480-868-9160 · Cell: 480-868-9160

Yachica Mcgee

Mesa, AZ

Christian Whitten

Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 843-737-3540 · Cell: 843-737-3540

Barbra A Troisi

Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: 480-215-7384

Jamie Van Hoosen

Peoria, AZ
Phone: 951-259-1300 · Cell: 951-259-1300

Richard Bauer

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-316-3358 · Cell: 602-316-3358

Rusty Haggard

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-391-7243

Christina Bunce

Surprise, AZ
Phone: 602-730-4405 · Cell: 602-730-4405

Michael Van Beckum

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 262-914-3758

Michael Dosham

Chandler, AZ
Phone: 480-577-9244 · Cell: 480-577-9244

DeNaya Bryson

Chandler, AZ
Phone: 480-808-0600

Jane Benavidez

Chandler, AZ
Phone: 480-274-0421 · Cell: 480-274-0421

Makensley Lordeus

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 786-261-1810 · Cell: 786-261-1810

Tracey Judd

Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 480-371-9365 · Cell: 480-371-9365

Helpful tips

  • Before settling on a specific notary in Maricopa County, consider contacting them to inquire about the price of their services and ask if any additional documents are needed
  • Fill out all the necessary fields in the forms beforehand. You will not be able to change or add new information to the papers after they are notarized.
  • Sign the documents in front of a notary public. As notaries have legal liability to confirm the validity of your signature, you can put it down on the form only in their presence.
  • Bring an ID or a driver’s license for verification purposes. Make sure that the form of identification you are carrying has your signature on it so thata notary can compare it with the one you are going to put on the paperwork.

Child Support Services

Please note that this section will only be useful for spouses filing for divorce with children in Arizona.

Feel free to use the link provided on the page to review information regarding Arizona child support guidelines and payments. You are also welcome to use the contact information of the child support division if you have any specific inquiries. Before making a call, please note that you will find answers to the most common questions on their website, no matter if you are the one who will be receiving or paying child support in Maricopa County.

County name: Maricopa County

Phone: 877-600-2722

Address: 1789 W. Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Website: https://des.az.gov/dcss