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There are many reasons behind a couple’s intention to break up; adultery, financial problems, drug and alcohol abuse are among the main culprits. However, the opportunity to start their life from scratch is one of the most obvious reasons that push people to end a marriage. At the same time, divorce can not only bring tons of emotional stress, it can also seriously devastate your wallet. With so much effort required in other types of marriage dissolution, an uncontested divorce under NC law is considered the most cost-effective and time-saving way to break the bonds of matrimony. Since this procedure can be very helpful to many couples, it is beneficial to briefly describe the core aspects of NC’s uncontested divorce process.

Uncontested divorce in North Carolina

Actually, every U.S. state has its own legislation on how courts should dissolve marriages. Regarding uncontested divorce, North Carolina provides an alternative term, an “absolute divorce”, which emphasizes the irreversibility of the action. The procedure itself is technically based on the same legal pattern that is actively used across the country. The central principle is to help those couples who have already found a compromise on all controversial issues in their separation get divorced quicker and cheaper. However, there are two key aspects of this process. The first distinguishing feature of NC’s uncontested divorce process is the necessity for at least one of the spouses to reside in North Carolina for at least 6 months in order to have a right to opt for an absolute divorce. The second uncommon feature that divorcing couples must follow is that they must have been living apart for one year or more to be able to choose this cost-effective procedure.

NC uncontested divorce forms

North Carolina’s uncontested divorce procedure starts with completing all NC’s uncontested divorce papers in accordance with existing rules and standards. In fact, when you complete uncontested divorce forms in NC, you automatically agree that it is your voluntary decision to have your case considered in one of the local district courts based on the current North Carolina family law. One of the key advantages of this type of marriage dissolution lies in the fact that people can get their final judgment from a family judge without paying attorneys for their assistance. This is possible due to the fact that this type of marriage dissolution has a streamlined procedure, in which a judge can give their judgment even without asking the couple to appear in front of the court. In most cases, a judge can get all the necessary information on the case from the official documentation following the petition. Since the petitioning couple has already resolved all the disputes in their relationships, it is not necessary for them to have an attorney help them fill out the papers. All these factors considerably reduce NC’s uncontested divorce cost, although many people are still concerned with how much they must pay to have their petition registered in the district court.

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Cost of uncontested divorce in North Carolina

Many local divorcing couples ask themselves: “How much does an uncontested divorce in NC cost?” This is a quite important thing to know before starting a divorce, especially for those who are on a tight budget. If they want to calculate the total cost of uncontested divorce in NC, they need to find out what fees local district courts impose on petitioners filing for an absolute divorce. According to the court costs and fees chart (2018) provided by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, the civil fee for filing for an absolute divorce is $75. Moreover, resumption of a maiden name will cost an extra $10 if needed. Add to this the district court total fee of $150 and the total is $225, or $235 with resumption of pre-marriage name, to be paid as civil fees. Another significant question that is common among divorcing couples is where they can get NC’s uncontested divorce packet. Going to the district court is the most obvious way to obtain all the necessary papers. If you have already obtained this packet but feel that you lack the skill to fill out the documents flawlessly, you can still have a cheap uncontested divorce in NC.

Obviously, hiring an attorney just to manage your paperwork will cost a lot. The best alternative is using the services of our company and letting our specialists complete your NC uncontested divorce paperwork. This will allow you to avoid potential mistakes in your documents and make sure that your petition will be accepted by the district court in your country. Generally, you will just need to indicate the state in which you are going to request marriage dissolution and provide some personal information to be mentioned in your documents. We respect the confidentiality of every client asking for our assistance, so we always pay special attention to protecting all the personal information of our customers. We have never faced any problems with personal data breaches, as our team of leading IT specialists ensures full data security. Overall, working with our company may significantly benefit those individuals needing to file for an uncontested divorce in NC.

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