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Here we have collected answers to the most frequent questions

How to file for divorce online?

If you are eligible for an uncontested divorce, the filing process will consist of just a couple of easy steps and will not require too much time. Before you go through the actual procedure, you should give answers to several easy questions to prove that an uncontested breakup is possible in your case. The next step would be to fill out the main questionnaire whenever you have free time and then wait for our experts to deal with the entire scope of paperwork. Note that if you have a right to undergo an uncontested divorce, you’ll be able to easily apply for it online.

Will OnlineDivorcer.com help us get a divorce if we have kids?

Yes, our website offers assistance with preparing the papers required to get your breakup legally approved if you have children. You just need to come to an agreement with your spouse on everything related to custody and child support.

Will OnlineDivorcer.com help if we have kids and live in different states?

Yes, it is possible to get divorced using the services of our website if you have kids but currently reside in different states. As a rule, you’ll need to provide the papers in the state of your kids’ residence. Check out the precise requirements of every state to find out what is necessary for a quick breakup under your circumstances and to identify in which state you have to provide the documents for approval.

How to get a divorce online?

OnlineDivorcer.com provides all the documents that you might require for getting divorced officially and as quickly as possible. As soon as they are delivered to you, you just need to sign the papers as all the information will be correctly filled out by our experts. After that, you will be able to submit the papers to the court and finalize your breakup.

Is it legal to use OnlineDivorcer.com?

Absolutely! It is entirely safe and legal to use our website. Your private details will remain confidential and will not be disclosed. You can also be sure that you’ll get all your papers filled out correctly, and our customer support is always ready to lend you a helping hand if something is not clear.

Will OnlineDivorcer.com help us to get a divorce if we have property and/or debt?

Yes, you are welcome to use our services if you need to divide your shared belongings or financial debts. All you have to do is reach an agreement with your spouse on how to divide marital assets because we offer support with uncontested breakups only.

How to get divorce papers online?

In order to receive the forms, you need to follow these three steps:

  • Answer a few questions to determine if you qualify for uncontested marriage dissolution
  • As soon as the payment for the service is made, provide detailed answers to our questionnaire
  • Wait until we prepare a full package of necessary documents that can be sent to you as fast as within 1 hour.

And that’s it! You will just have to sign the papers and submit them to a court.

Can I file in my state?

We can complete all the paperwork regardless of the state you live in as we make sure that all forms are state-specific. If you want to get divorced in a certain state, either you or your spouse should meet residency requirements. To get information about such requirements and make sure that your situation allows you to get divorced online, refer to the respective section on OnlineDivorcer.com and select the state you are interested in to find out more.

Do I need legal knowledge to use OnlineDivorcer.com?

Absolutely not. All customers can use our services and it does not matter whether they have legal knowledge or not. Keep in mind that we do not practice law and cannot be a substitute for a lawyer’s advice. Although we do not give legal advice, we provide detailed explanations and guides so that it is easy for you to fill everything out. Thus, no legal knowledge is needed to use OnlineDivorcer.com.

How long does online divorce take?

The time needed for finalizing the divorce heavily relies on how quickly the judge approves your case and signs the verdict. This may take from several weeks to several months as it depends on your state, county, and how busy the court is.

Does OnlineDivorcer.com have customer support to assist me?

Yes. If you face any difficulties with the use of our website or have any questions about some aspects of using the site, you can reach out to customer service by email or by phone at no extra charge.

What if I do not know the location of my spouse?

We are here to help. Still, you will need to obtain missing spouse forms after we do the paperwork for your future divorce and all the papers are sent to you. Forms for cases with a missing spouse are easy to find at most courthouses or in specialized stores. The next step would be to apply for a divorce that must be approved by the court. You need to provide well-informed grounds as to why it is not possible to identify the current location of your spouse. In this way, the court will validate your dissolution after you provide them with all formal papers.

How to do a divorce online?

Completing a divorce through the Internet is not only less difficult but also considerably quicker and less expensive than hiring a lawyer. If you are wondering how to do a divorce online, be assured that this process is very easy and takes only a few steps. First, check whether the uncontested divorce option is available to you by answering a few short questions. Then, proceed with the payment and answer a set of questions that would allow our team to fill in the forms for you correctly. After that, simply wait until you get all the copies of your official papers in your account at OnlineDivorcer.com with guidelines on what to do next.

Do we need to file for divorce in the same state where we got married?

No, it is not obligatory. To go through the online divorce process successfully, the partners should apply for it in the state where either of them resides. To learn the details, find out more about the residency requirements in the state where you live.

Should I hire a lawyer?

It entirely depends on the specifics of your case. To make sure you understand how online divorce works, we’ll give you directions explaining how to get the forms filled in correctly. Although the same can be done by using the services of a certified attorney, you must pay a lot of money to get legal advice. If you believe such legal assistance is needed, you may choose to pay for lawyer’s services.

How much does an online divorce cost?

Our price is just $139, which is not nearly as much as the services of an attorney where your expenses may reach $2,000 or more. We fully realize that when dealing with marriage dissolution, couples are often concerned about their prospects for the future and the problem of financial expenses could be truly devastating. If you are asking yourself “How much does an online divorce cost?” or “Will I have to pay any extra fees?” we assure you that the cost of the entire process is not anywhere near the amount of money you would have to spend on lawyer’s services. What we are trying to do is to offer high-quality services at a reasonable price to let you get through your case with minimal stress and with no extra costs.

Is there any additional cost to edit my answers?

If you wish to change anything in the answers or if you think that you’ve made a mistake, you can go back to your account later and make the required changes. This is only possible if your account is valid at the time of making changes. Minor changes can be made free of charge even if we have already prepared the documents for you.

Online divorce cost

After paying a flat fee of $139, you will get all your papers correctly filled out by our experts and 45 days of free access to your account in case you need to make any changes. Nevertheless, we also offer a range of extra services at a minimal fee to make your marriage dissolution quick and simple.

Do I need divorce mediation to use OnlineDivorcer.com?

Divorce mediation is used to get the help of an intermediary in order to find relevant solutions to the issues related to divorce and to ensure both partners are satisfied with their decisions. This option is not compulsory and it is up to you whether to use the help of a mediator or not. It depends on how easy it will be for you to reach an agreement with your partner by yourself.