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  • 1.1 “Company”, “Our” or “We” means and refers to Boosters Lab Inc.
  • 1.2 “Customer” or “You” means and refers to the person who uses our Website and submits the Order to the Website.
  • 1.3 “Order” means a set of answers of the Customer regarding the product that is submitted by the Customer to our Website.
  • 1.4 “Product” means the questionnaire, divorce forms, filing instructions and any other materials uploaded for the Customer.
  • 1.5 “Website” means


  • 2.1 After finishing the questionnaire and submitting your case to our specialists, you will receive the forms filled out with your information. Additionally, we might provide you with filing instructions.
  • 2.2 The price of the product is $139, but we might have special discounts or promotions.
  • 2.3 When you purchase the product, you receive a 45 days access to the questionnaire, forms, instructions and all resources available to our customers. To extend access there will be a fee of $24.99 for 30 days.
  • 2.4 We may request the payment processor to store your payment information to ensure that we can extend your membership and allow you easy purchase of other services. Your membership will be cancelled without the payment.
  • 2.5 It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information. Please make sure you review your answers and forms before filing with the court.
  • 2.6 While your membership is active you can edit your answers as many times as you want. However, we charge 50% of the price for switching to another state.
  • 2.7 Switching the filing parties is free of charge. However, if the names of the Parties are not just switched, but changed to other names that have never been mentioned in the answers before, we will charge a 100% fee.


  • 3.1 Our website includes information based on laws and court requirements. However, you should not rely on this information. Content on the website and promotional materials are only for informational purposes. We take no responsibility for the information published on our site.
  • 3.2 We try to keep forms up-to-date, but regulations change quickly. If the forms are outdated or incorrect, you will be able to receive your money back based on our Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee.
  • 3.3 We are not attorneys and not associated with any law firm. Our Staff cannot give legal advice in any way. If you believe that we were giving you legal advice - please do not use this information and email us at
  • 3.4 Court filing fees or any other fees associated with filing are paid separately to the court.


  • 4.1 We do guarantee that the court will approve your paperwork. In case there is a rejection, we will fix the paperwork or issue a refund. We may ask you to provide us with an official rejection letter from the court.
  • 4.2 Paperwork will be completed within 5 business days maximum, unless:
  • You ordered expedited form preparation
  • We had questions regarding your answers and are/were waiting for your answers.
  • 4.3 If you file after 30 days from the moment we upload the paperwork to your account OR edit your answers, we will not be responsible for the result.

Third-Party Services

  • 5.1 Our company may transfer your answers to another company if it is needed to prepare your paperwork.
  • 5.2 We might offer you services from other companies not associated with us. We do not take any responsibility for the outcome of your cooperation with those companies.

Refund Policy

You are eligible for a full (100%) refund if:

  • 1. Forms were rejected by the court and you provided us with the proof that it was due to our mistake.
  • 2. You made a full payment for the Product by accident and have not accessed our questionnaire and it has been less than 45 days from the payment.

Partial refunds are available in the following cases:

  • 1. 70% - less than 25 answers provided
  • 2. 50% - more than 25 answers were provided by you OR you decided to cancel the order after submitting the forms for processing and these forms were not uploaded by us to your account at the time of cancellation

Refunds are not applicable for:

  • - Extra services you purchase on our site
  • - Subscription after you access any products
  • - Cases where you found another service, found out that you do not meet residency requirements or you/your spouse decided to hire a lawyer
  • - Cases where you are not eligible for an uncontested divorce or the spouse does not agree to uncontested divorce
  • - Cases where the spouse does not sign the divorce documents we prepared
  • - Cases where you made a partial payment and decided not to pay the remaining amount within the next 30 days.

Limitation of Liability

  • 11.1 Our Company and its employees, shareholders, directors, partners or other related parties should not be responsible for any damages or losses arising from the use of the Company’s services or any information provided on this website. The Customer is fully responsible for the misuse of the Product delivered by our Company.
  • 11.2 Our Company liabilities are limited to the amount you paid for our services.
  • 11.3 The Company can unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions.

Installment Plan

  • 12.1 Qualification: The Installment Plan (the "Installment Plan") is available as a purchase option for certain products priced at $100 or more.
  • 12.2 Billing: By opting into the Installment Plan, I am agreeing to make an initial payment (the "Initial Installment Payment") immediately when I place my order. I hereby authorize to charge my credit card for additional installments on approximately, but not before, the first and second month anniversaries (each an "Installment Billing Date") of the Initial Installment Payment or on the dates arranged with my authorization upon making my first payment. Each payment will be of the same amount, except that if the total purchase price does not divide evenly into equal parts or we agreed on custom amounts, my final installment payment will include all outstanding amounts. I understand that I may pay my outstanding balance at any time without incurring additional charges.
  • 12.3 Default: If my credit card is declined, I agree that may make up to five attempts to bill that card over a 30-day period. If I remain in default on the second payment when the third payment is due, I authorize to charge both the second and third payment amounts to my credit card. If three attempts to charge my card are unsuccessful and my account balance remains unpaid, I understand that may report information about my account to credit bureaus, and that late payments, missed payments, and other defaults may be reflected in my credit report. I understand that may accept late or partial payments, as well as payments that reflect "paid in full" or other restrictive endorsements, without limiting any of its rights under these Terms and Conditions.
  • 12.4 Store Credit: I understand that if I have store credit, the amount of that store credit will be deducted from my total purchase price before installment payment amounts are calculated. Store credit will not count against the $100 minimum purchase price per product. If I want to apply a store credit issued after my enrollment in the Installment Plan, I may do so by contacting the Customer Care Center.
  • 12.5 Notice of Automatic Billing: may send a reminder email to the email address of record for my account before my Installment Billing Dates. I acknowledge and agree that this notice is provided as a courtesy only, and is not obligated or required to provide such notice. I acknowledge and agree that (i) my failure to read, (ii) my inability to receive, or (iii) the failure of to send the email does not create any liability on the part of or any third-party service provider.
  • 12.6 Disputed Charges: I understand that if I dispute a charge to my credit card, I should email the Customer Care Center immediately at and will investigate the matter.