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Trustpilot Reviews

Numerous OnlineDivorcer reviews on TrustPilot make us proud of what we do, being the main evidence of our successful work. Check the testimonials by our customers to learn more about the services we offer.

Ashley M.

San Diego, CA

“Blown away!”

I had little time to complete the paperwork, so I used this website to compile the documentation for filing. It was very simple and quick. Thanks

Michael W.

San Francisco, CA


Fortunately, we agreed with my ex-wife on how to divide property, and we were able to order the entire divorce packet online. Support team agents did an excellent job explaining everything. Excellent and speedy divorce online

Clyde T.

Tucson, AZ


Legal papers + online services are not a good match in my opinion, but this company is an exception. I was on a limited budget and had no other option, and I'm astonished it worked out so well. I am pleased with the outcomes and would suggest this company to anyone who asks.

Anne K.

Los Angeles, CA

“Blown away!”

Thank you for completing the superior court divorce forms

Ryan G.

Detroit, MI


I had a lot of reservations about internet divorces. Decided to give it a shot and have had no regrets so far.

Daniela C.

Miami, FL

“Blown away!”

Probably the greatest website for divorce paperwork preparation.

Alejandro Z.

Rio Rancho, NM


This divorce application form was accepted by the court without questions. Excellent work.

Jonathan H.

Denver, CO

“Blown away!”

Excellent outcomes!

I was about to pay $9,700 to a lawyer when I noticed the advertisement for this website. I still can't believe I saved so much money by choosing it. I thought it was dangerous, and I was doubtful about the price difference, but the outcome is great. I am really pleased with the tools and the results.

Michael G.

Dallas, TX


I was in real financial trouble when my ex-wife decided to divorce. I had no choice except to end my relationship with her. Guess what, I didn't have the money to employ a lawyer, therefore this internet divorce service saved me from a lot of trouble. Thanks

Nirana L.

Charlotte, NC

“Blown away!”

Very attentive and customer-oriented service at a reasonable price. I had a great time working with them.

Olivia D.

Vancouver, WA

“Blown away!”

I was surprised to see that there is no additional payment for forms related to children. I paid, received my paperwork, and am now divorced. Excellent value for money.

Sydney P.

Atlanta, GA


I never imagined I'd be able to fill out the do-it-yourself legal forms, but I did! Excellent service!

Boris D.

Houston, TX

“Blown away!”

My friend told me about this website. He claimed that he paid only 139 dollars to get complete set of divorce docs online. It worked for me perfectly. However, I hope to never use this service again lol.

Liam S.

Atlanta, GA

“Blown away!”

I discovered this website a few months ago. After I made the decision to divorce, I ordered divorce paperwork online. I'm not sure how much more I would have spent on lawyers, but it definitely saved me money.

Lashawanda M.

Jacksonville, FL


I was skeptical about receiving divorce forms online. I didn't like the notion of disclosing so much personal information to the website. Nonetheless, I was able to file divorce papers online, and they were accepted.

Elijah N.

Las Vegas, NV


My ex and I decided to divorce, and a do-it-yourself kit was an efficient answer. Thanks Reviews

Receiving feedback from our customers is what allows us to notice our strengths and opportunities for improvement. Read some recent divorce online reviews to see that our service is worth the money paid.

Kevin R.

Oakland, CA

“Blown away!”

I'm glad I found this low-cost divorce paperwork online. It took some effort to fill out everything and file the signed documents, but it was well worth it.

Michelle D.

Memphis, TN


Excellent client service! The guys from the support team answered all questions I had. Thanks!

Jaylen A.

Orlando, FL

“Blown away!”

My ex-wife and I decided to choose a do-it-yourself divorce option. We were ready to divorce but lacked the funds to hire a lawyer. So we decided to use this online service, and it was a great decision. I am sure we saved a lot of time and money on preparing all that paperwork.

Larry G.

Omaha, NE


My legal paperwork arrived on schedule without any delays. I was successful in my pro se representation before the judge.

Chloe P.

El Paso, TX


My coworker recommended this service, and I am glad I used it! Simple, quick, and effective!

David D.

Miami, FL


A simple approach to obtaining divorce paperwork online.

Olivia P.

Greensboro, NC


I received divorce documents in a timely manner, and the court accepted them all. Everything went off smoothly.

Anthony M.

Burlington, VT


They were quite helpful! My ex and I live in different states, and I will be moving to another country very soon, so I needed my paperwork completed as quickly as possible. This company accomplished just that, and I'm quite pleased with the results.

Larry C.

Evansville, IN

“Blown away!”

Rapid and professional. I was dubious at first, but I was delighted with the assistance I received. That is why I endorse this service.

Ben F.

Tacoma, WA


I like that they offer a set pricing for the service and a clear refund policy. Fortunately, I didn't have to use it because everything went well. If I had to use it again, I surely would.

John J.

Jersey City, NJ

“Blown away!”

I am grateful for such professional services at such a reasonable fee. You greatly helped me during a difficult time for my family.

Wynona R.

New York, NY

“Blown away!”

Very quick and precise! Thanks for great service

Selena T.

Lincoln, NE

“Blown away!”

Thank you so much for making my divorce so simple! I'm thankful and relieved.

Peter S.

Columbus, OH

“Blown away!”

I just submitted my divorce papers to the court. I had no idea there would be so many documents to file, yet they were all accepted by the court. Thank you!

Omar M.

Tucson, AZ

“Blown away!”

I was on a tight budget and was looking for low-cost do-it-yourself divorce documents. Thank you for providing all I required.

Karla T.

Columbus, OH


The forms could not be submitted online!! My ex and I had to go to divorce court, but the paperwork was eventually approved.

Sitejabber Reviews

The high quality of services provided is our top priority. If you are still unsure if to order divorce papers from us, check out what customers say about their experiences of working with our online service.

James B.

Phoenix, AZ


If you're seeking for diy divorce forms, I recommend using this service.

Tiana J.

Philadelphia, PA

“Blown away!”

When things became stressful, we decided to divorce. We considered hiring a lawyer, but it was expensive and we just could not afford it. After attempting to do all of the paperwork on our own, we turned to this legal divorce service. Very fast and convenient!

Ethan K.

San Diego, CA

“Blown away!”

I bought the do-it-yourself divorce forms from this website. I spent roughly 40 minutes to complete all questions. What I got was a package of divorce documents to fill out online, as well as detailed instructions on how to do it correctly. That's exactly what I expected.

Michael D.

Pittsburgh, PA

“Blown away!”

My brother and sister-in-law both spent thousands of dollars during their divorce, so I assumed this was the only option. I even considered taking out a loan or something to be able to divorce. Thank goodness my yoga instructor heard about my problem and recommended this company to me. I'm now only a few days away from divorce (rather than months!) and I really saved much money on this service! This is a true lifesaver!

Lucas J.

Grand Rapids, MI

“Blown away!”

I thought it was unsafe at first, but hiring a lawyer would have left me bankrupt, so this was my only option. So far, no regrets. My documents have been accepted, and I am now awaiting the final hearing.

Taylor G.

Dallas, TX


I had no time to deal with all that divorce documents. Despite the fact that the questionnaire contained far too many questions, this online divorce filing service really saved me.

Bob D.

Las Cruces, NM


My documents were rejected by the court! After contacting the support team, it was discovered that I had made errors in answering the questions. I amended my answers, and all of my papers were free of charge updated. Thanks

Patricia E.

Cambridge, MA


When I compared this site to others, the pricing was similar, but onlinedivorcer appeared more trustworthy. Decided to give it a shot, and it worked.

Makayla S.

New York, NY

“Blown away!”

Excellent customer service! Fast and reliable, thank you

Susan C.

Vancouver, WA

“Blown away!”

Working with onlinedivorcer was a delight. The support team and the organization as a whole know what they're doing, and I got my forms approved today!

Kenneth L.

Bellevue, NE

“Blown away!”

This is my first divorce, and I've never seen anyone else divorce. I considered hiring an attorney, but it was so expensive. So I decided to try this service. For those of you who are going through this for the first time, get your driver's license and other documents ready because the questionnaire contains a lot of questions about your SSL and other stuff like that. Also, if you are puzzled, ask questions. Their support crew is fantastic, and they will be of tremendous assistance to you when you need it.

Arthur M.

Davenport, IA

“Blown away!”

This service came through for me when I needed it the most. Divorce hurt us hard and we even considered remaining together to avoid further debt upon divorcing, but it truly damaged us mentally, and we saw that our children were suffering. We came across this website by chance, but it was the best thing we had come across in a long time because we could actually afford to divorce with it. We're currently in the final phase of divorce, and no words can express how grateful we are for this opportunity.

Andy K.

Meridian, ID


Filling out legal paperwork typically makes me nervous, but I carefully read the tips in the questionnaire and completed it in about 50 minutes. This website comes highly recommended by me.

Josiah C.

Springfield, MA


Thank you for sending me all of the necessary divorce legal forms.

Ashley D.

Richmond, VA

“Blown away!”

A lady I spoke with over the phone was really courteous and helpful in every way. On the surface, it appeared to be a simple divorce.

Kelvin C.

Newark, NJ


It took far too long to complete the questionnaire, but I got what I needed.

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