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Uncontested divorce in Alabama online

According to the state of Alabama law, there are two types of marriage dissolution:

  • A contested divorce. Filing for contested dissolution, couples know they are far from coming up with a clear agreement on some of the legal breakup issues. This type of divorce is very complicated and extremely expensive for both parties as they have to spend a fortune on legal assistance. Apart from that, they will have to appear in multiple court hearings to come to an agreement concerning property division, child custody and support, and alimony.
  • Uncontested dissolution of marriage presupposes both parties being in full agreement concerning any divorce-related issues. Taking into account the complex nature of contested divorce, you may consider an uncontested one, especially if the your and your ex’s financial situation is not ideal.

Nowadays, it is no secret that choosing the uncontested option is the best way to get the cheapest divorce in AL. Having all the issues solved, the couple might choose not to hire lawyers, whose services are usually extremely expensive. The couple might also consider this option if they do not want to have a prolonged and stressful marriage dissolution that will take a toll on them and their children. Uncontested dissolution can be resolved during one short hearing where the judge will simply make sure that your mutual agreement is still valid.

However, if decide to find the documents on your own, there is a little chance that you can do it correctly from the first try. Apart from the basic list of Alabama divorce papers, you may need a lot more forms if you have children or need to divide property or calculate alimony. Looking for all these docs on the Web is a bad idea because there are a lot of outdated forms that will be rejected by the court if you file them. What is the solution to this problem? Use OnlineDivorcer!

Our service is one of the pioneers in the online divorce sphere in AL and we have helped thousands of customers throughout the years. Working with us, you will receive a full package of documents that are chosen and filled out specifically for your uncontested dissolution case.

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Filing for divorce in Alabama without a lawyer

The first thing you need to do filing for an uncontested dissolution of marriage in AL is to check whether you meet the residency requirements of the state. According to state law, you and your spouse must have resided in the state for 6 months prior to filing. Secondly, you and your ex should not have any disputes regarding child custody and support, property division, or alimony to get a dissolution without legal service. If you cannot come to a full agreement concerning these aspects, you have to hire an attorney to do it.

Dissolution of marriage without a lawyer can be completed in the following steps:

  • Prepare all your Alabama divorce paperwork. You can look for the forms yourself or seek assistance from an online divorce provider.
  • File the forms with the court. You need to file for divorce in Alabama in the county where you reside.
  • Next, you need to serve your spouse so that he or she will be officially notified about the dissolution process.
  • After that, you have to submit Proof of Service to the Court.
  • As soon as all the documents are filed, you need to wait for 30 days for the judge to sign a Divorce Decree. If you are in full agreement and your documents are in order, there might be no need to attend the hearing.

How to complete do it yourself divorce in Alabama?

DIY divorce in Alabama seems like a good option for those who don’t want to ask for any help at all. However, is it really as fast and easy as people think? Let’s find it out by reviewing the Alabama do-it-yourself divorce process:

  • Check if you qualify for an uncontested divorce meaning that you and your ex are in full agreement regarding your divorce proceedings.
  • Check whether you meet the residency requirements of the county you want to file in.
  • Find the official website of your county and check what information is available concerning the divorce-related aspects such as filing fees, forms, child custody and support, etc.
  • Look what divorce forms are available on the county’s website and check them to determine which ones are suitable for your case. There might be some forms that seem irrelevant, but if you are not entirely sure, it would be best to consult the court clerk or lawyer.
  • If you have children, check the state guidelines on child support to fill in all the forms correctly and make appropriate calculations.
  • Find out whether you have to attend parenting classes before the divorce process and if there are any rules or terms of participation.
  • Fill out all the required forms carefully. Look for the explanation for any unknown terms and confusing phrases if you are not sure what they mean.
  • Make sure that all the information you filled out is correct; otherwise, any documents that contain mistakes will be rejected by the court.
  • Some fields have to be filled in by the court clerk, so be sure to leave them blank.
  • As you will represent yourself in court, you also need to check if there are some specific classes that you have to attend before the actual hearing.
  • Print, sign, and file the documents to the court. The following steps are the same as in the section above.

Due to the fact that this process is quite tiresome and, if you make any mistakes or your documents are not up-to-date, you will have to fill out some of the forms again, a lot of people choose to order documents instead of opting for a do it yourself divorce Alabama.

The benefits of getting divorce documents online

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Alabama divorce forms

There are various AL divorce papers that are suited for each specific case. Even if your dissolution of marriage is uncontested, you will still need to fill out a lot of them. For your convenience, we’ve decided to list the most commonly required divorce papers in Alabama:

  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Affidavit of Residency
  • Child Support Information Sheet
  • Vital Statistics Form

Alabama divorce papers online

In order to get your AL forms filled out, you will need to have the following information on your hands:

  • Your and your spouse’s full name and date of birth.
  • Date and location of your marriage.
  • Your and your spouse’s current address, as well as the address of all real property you own.
  • Full names, dates of birth, and current address of your children.
  • Information about your income, debt, insurance, and taxes.
  • Workplace information – both yours and spouse’s.
  • Info about vehicles you both own, such as model, make, year, and VIN.
  • SSN and driver’s license number.
  • Information about any previous court cases involving you or your children.
  • Description of property you and your spouse own.
  • Financial accounts information.

There might be some additional details required depending on your individual case.

Things you need to know


A person who is initiating a divorce must file a Complaint to the circuit court in the county where either of the spouses has resided in the past 6 months. Next, he or she should serve the paperwork by certified mail or hand it personally to the spouse. Alternatively, they can hire a sheriff, constable, or any eligible person over 19 years old to serve the documents to the other spouse. This spouse then has 30 days to file a response.

Residency Requirements

In Alabama, either you or your spouse must have resided in the state for 6 months prior to filing.

Waiting Period

The waiting period in the state is 30 days. This period begins on the day a spouse files for dissolution of marriage.

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Getting a divorce in Alabama with a child

Child support and custody are among the divorce-related aspects that have to be resolved by the spouses to start a dissolution process:

  • According to the state law, both parents have an equal right to custody. When parents are granted shared legal custody, it means that they both can decide on a child’s religion, health, education, and other aspects. If parents share joint physical custody, then the child will live with both of them. The amount of time spent in both households can be agreed upon by parents. However, if one parent appears to be unsuitable for custody, only one guardian will be granted sole custody.
  • During the court trial, if the parents did not come to an agreement, the judge considers the best interest of a child when deciding who’s going to have custody. There are many factors that are considered during the process: child’s age, gender, needs, character, health, the relationship between the child and both parents, the income of each spouse, as well as child’s preferences.
  • In the state, child support is paid until the child reaches the age of majority. However, if the child is physically or mentally disabled or studies at college, then the time of payment can be extended.


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