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What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce in Louisiana

For all those who seek an inexpensive and easy breakup option in the state of Louisiana, undergoing an uncontested process of marital dissolution is a stress-free, reasonably priced and quick-paced solution. After all, a quick and cheap divorce in Louisiana is no longer a myth. An online divorce is the most suitable option for marriage partners who are eligible for an uncontested case. You will still have to fill out and submit some documents, but it will be a lot easier for both of you than applying for and undergoing the contested breakup process in the court. Our service helps prepare a full set of required documents, and we also offer comprehensive instructions on how the entire procedure should be carried out in Louisiana.

If both partners are compliant with the terms of their future breakup and wish to have a friendly and mutually satisfying marital dissolution, they can get a Louisiana divorce online with no unwanted stress or any other problems. This solution is considerably cheaper, faster and much more convenient than you may thinkPreparing a complete set of the right documents for Louisiana online divorce is not a difficult task, and this method of divorce is becoming more popular. That’s because in this case, the process can be completed without leaving the comfort of your home and with no unnecessary trouble.

Even if your case is complicated because you might have underage kids or common property and other valuables, it is still a lot more convenient to file all documents via the Internet and get a Louisiana quick divorce online. All you need to do is to follow our instructions and complete the process step by step. You can also be confident that online divorce is 100% safe as all your data will be fully protected and no information will get lost or misused throughout the process.

Everyone who faces a breakup with one’s spouse knows how painful this procedure can be. Luckily, there are some exceptions that can make things easier. In fact, it is not always compulsory to undergo a trial and pay unbearably high lawyer fees. If you are breaking up with the spouse, you can get an uncontested divorce in Louisiana without a lawyer as the most appropriate solution to your problem. It will save lots of time and money if you are able to come to a mutually satisfying compromise with your partner.

Below you will find all you need know about cheap divorce in Louisiana to easily undergo online with no unwanted pressure or anxiety. If you still have any questions, just let our experts know and you’ll get a professional consultation regarding your particular problem.

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Useful Facts on Do It Yourself Divorce for Louisiana Residents

Recently it has become a widespread practice to apply for divorce on your own in the United States. This makes matters considerably easier and you are not required to undergo a long and tiresome procedure involving a time-consuming trial in the courthouse. If you are on good terms with your spouse, it becomes a lot easier to get a divorce and avoid the entire ordeal associated with this process.

If you are opting for a DIY divorce in Louisiana, the court filing process will be much simpler if documents that you file are correct and all the requirements are accurately met. An uncontested breakup has only a few requirements, such as living separately from the spouse over a long-term period that should be equal to180 days minimum before the documents are filed.

On the other hand, there are also fault-based reasons for divorce. In this case you might need to go through a trial instead of getting a do-it-yourself divorce in Louisiana. If the following issues are applicable to your case, you might need to opt for a contested breakup:

Cases of adultery

Abandonment for a long-term period of one year minimum

Abuse, either physical or sexual

Living apart from each other for two years minimum


Before choosing the best option, you will have to consider the reasons for divorce and other aspects which will help you arrive at the right decision.

Preparing Divorce Papers in Louisiana

When we are talking about divorce in Louisiana, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The most significant consideration is related to filling out and submitting the right documents for your divorce. Basically, Louisiana has three lawful petitions for marital dissolution:

For uncontested cases

For contested breakups with kids

For contested dissolution without kids.

In each of these situations, you’ll need a different set of Louisiana divorce papers. For instance, if you have a common property and/or kids, it will be necessary to submit an affidavit of the shared earnings and expenses. Some other documentation may also be necessary if you have kids depending on whether you’ll share child custody.

Luckily, completing Louisiana divorce papers online does not take much effort if you use the help of our experts who fill out your documents correctly. After all, incorrect papers may lead to a delay in the approval of your divorce by the court or even some undesirable fees that you may need to pay. But before you submit divorce papers in Louisiana, you’ll also require the spouse’s signature. After that, you’ll be ready to file all documents with the court in the district where you currently live. We offer detailed directions on the filing procedure itself, and we provide support with making changes to the documents whenever such need arises.

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In this section we review three different options you can choose from when filing for divorce in Louisiana.

01 The Traditional Way

It may take a lot of time as you will need to take all these things into account:

  • Attorney’s availability - Your divorce might take months if your lawyer has a tight schedule.
  • Misunderstandings - Communication may become very stressful for both sides.
  • Lack of knowledge - As for Louisiana divorce, filing out the documents requires extra knowledge of legal procedures.
  • High price - Get ready to spend thousands of dollars.


This option is a fully guided and effortless one. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cheap - Filing for divorce in Louisiana without a lawyer significantly decreases your expenses.
  • No stress, no mountains of paperwork, no extra expenses.
  • Fast - File for divorce online in Louisiana in a matter of minutes and get a full package of papers.

03 Other Divorce Providers

We are not sure that you’ll get what you pay for. Many of our customers decided to order with us after other divorce providers failed to provide all the documents filled out correctly. You may face the following issues:

  • No support - You can file for divorce in Louisiana online but fail to get assistance if you need it.
  • Hidden payments - Most providers will charge extra money for obligatory forms.
  • Lots of time required for filling out the forms - To file for divorce online in Louisiana, you are likely to wait for several weeks before you get your papers.
  • Little to no experience - Some online divorce providers are new on the market and might fail to figure out what you need.
  • No guarantees of court approval.

Things to Consider When Filing for Divorce in Louisiana

There are many considerations if you intend to divorce. You must be confident that the filing procedure is carried out correctly and all demands are met precisely. First you must determine whether an uncontested dissolution is a suitable option for you. In addition, residency laws of the district should also be considered. The residency law presupposes that you need to live in Louisiana for 12 months minimum before the breakup process starts. If you make a decision to file for divorce in Louisiana, you need to submit the papers to the local court situated in the district where your spouse currently lives.

The actual procedure involves completing special forms and providing them to the local courthouse. All your data will be verified and approved before moving on to the next stage of the process. Both spouses will have to provide a financial affidavit that is contains valuable information about your mutual finances. Sometimes a trial might be required to address financial incongruities or similar problems.

To file for divorce online in Louisiana, you’ll need to agree on all terms with your spouse, but the actual filing procedure carried out online is very easy and will save you time and money. Fortunately, it is not too difficult and our service can offer support by filling out the required documents to complete the process and make things easier for you and your spouse. However, if it is not possible for you to come to a compromise with your spouse regarding particular matters, it does not mean that you cannot file for a divorce in Louisiana. It means that you will have to get a contested divorce, which will not be as easy as an uncontested one.

Where to Receive Louisiana Divorce Forms

It may not always be a simple task to fill out and submit divorce documents if you reside in Louisiana, especially if you don’t have previous experience and don’t know how to do it correctly. However, you can have all Louisiana divorce forms completed and ready for signing and submitting quickly if you use our expert help. If you wish to get the things done quicker by speeding up the entire process, an uncontested breakup is the most reasonable solution for divorce. We will eagerly provide you with all the necessary files and you can start filling out Louisiana divorce forms online if you agree on the next conditions with your spouse:

Childcare and visitation (which always includes where and with whom your kids will reside)

Medical and healthcare costs for your kids

Tax-related deductions

Division of assets, belongings, and debts

Any other disputable matters related to your marital union.

If you completely agree on all these aspects, you will qualify to file uncontested divorce forms in Louisiana . Consult our experts to find out the details on how to make your breakup easier and prevent any unwanted difficulties.

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Divorce documents in Louisiana: fast facts


The divorce packet in Louisiana includes a large number of different forms that are rather hard to collect. Failure to find a particular form might cause lots of problems and will make the overall divorce process much more complicated.


Preparing a Louisiana divorce kit is considered to be the most time-consuming part of your legal breakup.


Getting a divorce with the lawyer's help is very expensive. You will receive all documents needed, but hiring an attorney will cost you several thousands of dollars.

Tired of all this stuff? Can’t cope with loads of forms, documents, papers, and certificates? With our online service, you will get everything done – now you can get a quicker and cheaper divorce with no stress!

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