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Key Facts about Getting a Divorce in Maryland

An online breakup is suitable for spouses who are eligible to undergo an uncontested procedure. The actual procedure will take less time and you will face minimal problems. Getting a quickie divorce in Maryland is not too difficult if you manage to agree on all aspects and formalities concerning your union with your spouse. If you are unable to do so, it might be necessary to undergo a much more expensive contested case that could be truly devastating.

Note that cheap divorce in Maryland is possible only if both partners are in agreement with one another and can come to a mutually satisfying decision regarding what to do with the division of assets and who will support underage kids, if applicable. However, there are a number of other considerations that you’d better remember to guarantee that you are eligible for getting an inexpensive and fast divorce in Maryland.

The reasons for getting divorced online are different from those that you would have if you undergo a traditional contested case in Maryland. The no-fault reasons allow you to get a divorce in MD without a lawyer, and the main ones are:

Living apart from each other for 12 months minimum

Having an agreement with one another regarding all aspects related to marriage termination.

Conversely, if there are any fault-based reasons, you will not be able to apply for a cheap divorce in MD. Instead, you’ll have to undergo a hearing in court. The fault-based reasons for breakup are more numerous than no-fault and include:


Violent behavior and physical or sexual abuse

Misconduct in relation to one’s spouse or underage kids


Abandonment for at least 12 months

Imprisonment or conviction of a serious crime.

If none of these reasons apply to your situation, it may be possible to get a divorce in Maryland without a lawyer. Apart from the reasons for the breakup, you need to meet some specific requirements, such as:

If the reasons to file for divorce in MD happened in Maryland, there are no particular demands concerning residency requirements.

Otherwise, you must live in MD for six months minimum before either party can file for a divorce in Maryland.

The best way to provide proof regarding residency is to have a valid driver’s license or any other document that was approved half a year previously. In all other cases, before filing divorce papers in Maryland, you may have to ask your acquaintances to provide proof that you have stayed in MD for the previous 6 months. Moreover, there may be other ways to prove your residency so it is unlikely to be a problem for you.

Every couple that has decided to go separate ways and get divorced in the State of Maryland is likely to encounter an immense load of stress. After all, at some moment during the process of getting a divorce in MD, you may face misunderstandings with your partner or may even argue. This may be related to different points concerning your spousal relationship such as child support.

Meanwhile, submitting MD divorce forms may not be an easy task, either. A lawyer’s services may cost a fortune, in addition to all the stress that you’ll experience during a hearing in the courtroom.

Luckily, all this can be prevented if you apply for Maryland divorce online. This will let you go through the procedure without the help of attorneys. You will just be required to fill out the respective documentation and submit all paperwork to your local court. So you can get a quick divorce in Maryland with no risks, arguments, anxiety or pressure. All you have to do is make sure the paperwork is done correctly and accurately.

Below you’ll find the details about how uncontested breakups in Maryland actually work.

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All You Need to Know About the Dissolution of Marriage for Maryland Residents

Marriage dissolution without a lawyer in the State of Maryland is only possible if either of the spouses has permanently lived in MD for half a year or more. It is necessary to meet this demand in accordance with the local residency law. It may also be possible to file a divorce in MD if the reasons for the breakup emerged while you were a resident of the state no matter how long you’ve lived there.

Furthermore, if you consider filing for divorce in Maryland and have no minor kids, you can do so even if you have not lived separately but both of you have come to a mutual agreement to break up. Nonetheless, the majority of couples with underage kids usually apply for the dissolution of marriage in Maryland based on no-fault reasons related to “voluntary estrangement,” and this implies that they must live apart for at least a year.

If, however, none of these reasons is applicable to your specific case, you must deal with fault-based grounds and in such circumstances, the actual divorce will be associated with going through an exhausting and complicated hearing in front of the judge.

How to Complete a DIY Divorce in Maryland

If you are applying for a DIY breakup in Maryland and plan to do everything on your own, it may be necessary to consult with a professional before taking any action. This will allow you to select only the correct documents and fill them out correctly.

If some MD divorce papers are not applicable to your case or if they are not filled out appropriately, it may lead to the delayed approval of your breakup, or you may even face some extra fees. That’s why you should first select the correct set of divorce papers in MD to be filled out. This will allow you to go through a do it yourself breakup in Maryland with little effort and as quickly as possible.

How to Prepare Each Maryland Divorce Form Appropriately

Maryland requires a specific set of divorce-related documents and has special demands for filing them, which should be considered by everyone who wants to get divorced without too much fuss. Fortunately, preparing and filling out all the necessary documents is easy. The only requirement is to select Maryland state divorce forms that are applicable to your specific case. The choice of the particular forms often depends on whether you have children or own some common assets as well as other issues. Getting the paperwork done online is becoming a widespread practice simply because it is much easier and less stressful to prepare the documents from home. The preparation of the respective documentation involves the following steps:

  • Submission of a specific number of copies of the relevant State of Maryland divorce forms;
  • Paying a filing fee according to the local regulations;
  • Waiting until your papers are stamped and until you are informed on what to do next.

You will also need to serve each divorce form in Maryland to your spouse which can be done using different methods depending on the circumstances. These may include:

  • Any person aged 18 years or older who is not engaged in the breakup can serve the divorce forms in Maryland
  • The local sheriff, but you may need to pay a fee
  • A private process server is another option that may cost slightly more than the services of a sheriff but in this case, your spouse will be served several times whenever the need arises
  • Maryland divorce forms can also be served by mail if your partner is required to sign the papers before providing them to the authorities. However, the papers, in this case, should be mailed by someone else, not you.

Divorce forms for Maryland spouses who have decided to end their relationships can be filled out online with the help of our service. You should be prepared, as sometimes it takes more than one month to get the breakup finalized. In fact, in some cases, it may require as much as three months.

Contact us to get expert advice on how to get divorced easily and without any unexpected situations. Getting divorced online has become a preferable option for anyone who wants to get divorced as quickly and easily as possible.

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Filing for divorce in Maryland:
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In this section we review three different options you can choose from when filing for divorce in Maryland.

01 The Traditional Way

It may take a lot of time as you will need to take all these things into account:

  • Attorney’s availability - Your divorce might take months if your lawyer has a tight schedule.
  • Misunderstandings - Communication may become very stressful for both sides.
  • Lack of knowledge - As for Maryland divorce, filing out the documents requires extra knowledge of legal procedures.
  • High price - Get ready to spend thousands of dollars.


This option is a fully guided and effortless one. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cheap - Filing for divorce in Maryland without a lawyer significantly decreases your expenses.
  • No stress, no mountains of paperwork, no extra expenses.
  • Fast - File for divorce online in Maryland in a matter of minutes and get a full package of papers.

03 Other Divorce Providers

We are not sure that you’ll get what you pay for. Many of our customers decided to order with us after other divorce providers failed to provide all the documents filled out correctly. You may face the following issues:

  • No support - You can file for divorce in Maryland online but fail to get assistance if you need it.
  • Hidden payments - Most providers will charge extra money for obligatory forms.
  • Lots of time required for filling out the forms - To file for divorce online in Maryland, you are likely to wait for several weeks before you get your papers.
  • Little to no experience - Some online divorce providers are new on the market and might fail to figure out what you need.
  • No guarantees of court approval.

How to Submit Maryland Divorce Papers Correctly

The set of divorce documents may differ depending on your own personal circumstances, but there are still a few compulsory divorce papers for Maryland residents that need to be filled out in any case. These usually comprise an official complaint and some others.

If the diversity of the required papers seems daunting to you, it is not surprising because it’s probably the first time you are dealing with the formal procedure of dissolution. Indeed, the broad variety of divorce papers for Maryland residents can be really overwhelming. Still, many people find it a lot more convenient to obtain all the required papers online to be sure that they use only the appropriate forms and complete them correctly. Getting professional help with divorce papers for MD residents will save lots of time and will allow you to prevent problems with your case.

If you have made the decision to split up with your spouse, it is best to do it in the least stressful way, and filling out the appropriate divorce papers in Maryland is easier with online services. Our service provides expert support with all the documents necessary for the successful completion of the process and your absolute peace of mind.

Important Details about Filing for Divorce in MD

Everyone who seeks a cheap breakup in the given state should consider filing for a divorce online as this is a hassle-free, reasonably priced and very quick solution to this problem. In compliance with the regulations of Maryland, the plaintiff must file for breakup in the county where he/she lives. The process of filing for a divorce in Maryland presupposes submitting specific documents that can be provided either personally or by mail. Your spouse can also be served personally by someone you know, through a special private server or by mail. The procedure itself takes at least one month. Even if you think your case is complicated, filing a divorce in Maryland via the Internet is still easier and will not take as much time as a traditional procedure.

If both partners can easily find a compromise on all points concerning their relationship, the best and quickest solution in such conditions is filing for divorce in Maryland without a lawyer. After you give consent to each other regarding all aspects of the future separation like the division of assets and childcare, it is possible to submit Maryland divorce forms online. An online breakup is an ideal option for those who want to save money and finalize the case as quickly as possible to move on with their lives.

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Divorce documents in Maryland: fast facts


The divorce packet in Maryland includes a large number of different forms that are rather hard to collect. Failure to find a particular form might cause lots of problems and will make the overall divorce process much more complicated.


Preparing a Maryland divorce kit is considered to be the most time-consuming part of your legal breakup.


Getting a divorce with the lawyer's help is very expensive. You will receive all documents needed, but hiring an attorney will cost you several thousands of dollars.

Tired of all this stuff? Can’t cope with loads of forms, documents, papers, and certificates? With our online service, you will get everything done – now you can get a quicker and cheaper divorce with no stress!

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