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Getting a divorce in NH

The divorce process, which is called “marriage dissolution”, becomes clearer when you understand a few definitions. Throughout the NH divorce process, you will often come across terms like “petitioner”, “respondent” and others. The former term means the individual who initiates the proceedings, while the latter is the person who will answer to the claims of the petitioner. Motives for divorce are called “grounds”. The judge is an official who makes the final decision regarding the fate of your marriage. Filing for divorce in New Hampshire is the stage when you register your document kit with the court.

Once you are familiar with the basic terms, go on to study the requirements for divorce in NH. As we suggest you choose the uncontested track for divorce, we will go through the requirements of this process.

First of all, the spouses must reach an agreement on how they will divide all responsibilities and rights after the divorce. This is necessary for making your divorce in NH cheap, quick and less stressful. Keep in mind that the agreement should be reached before you start gathering any documents. If you decide to try to compromise during the court hearings, your New Hampshire divorce will be perceived as contested and will take more time.

The next action you take is making sure you meet the residency demands of New Hampshire law. To have a divorce in the state of Hew Hampshire, you must fit one of the following demands:

1. Spouses are living together in New Hampshire

2. The petitioner has lived in the state for at least a year before the filing

3. The petitioner can deliver the divorce papers in NH and also lives in the state.

Next, look through the roadmap of dissolution:

1. Compromise with your partner on how you will live after the marriage, including your responsibilities as well as rights

2. Consolidate your agreement into one paper

3. Meet the residency demands

4. Fill out the questionnaire on our website to create your NH divorce papers online

5. Receive the document kit ready for filing

6. Print, sign and notarize it

7. Submit the kit to the clerk’s office of your county court

8. Pay the filing fees

9. Arrive for the hearing to get the dissolution of marriage decree.

Also, if you are parents, you will be required to take parenting classes before the court makes the decision on granting your divorce. This is to make sure the rights of your children will not be affected after the marriage dissolution. By attending this seminar, you will demonstrate you are responsible and caring parents who do not want to harm the kids. If the court finds out you tried to avoid these classes, the case may be prolonged and you will be punished.

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Have you found yourself in that stage of life when it is not possible to continue your marriage? If so, you likely want to know how to end it quickly and easily. In this case, online divorce in New Hampshire is the best solution for you. We created this guide for you to consult when filing for divorce in NH without a lawyer, as well as the legal requirements for it, preparing the document kit yourself and more. Please read what we have collected for you carefully and feel free to reach out through the Customer Care window in the corner of the screen for any details.

Filing for divorce in NH

When your New Hampshire divorce papers are ready, you need to know where exactly you should submit them for registration. Therefore, having basic knowledge of the New Hampshire judicial branch of power is necessary. The court at the lowest level is called the court of circuit. It contains the family division, which deals with situations like marriage dissolution. Choose the county where you will be filing based on where you or your partner are living.

Having found the correct location of the court, you can bring your New Hampshire divorce forms there for registration. The court official collects them, gives them a case number and stamps them. When this is done, do not forget to make copies as the originals are left in court. During the registration the processing fee must be enclosed. It varies from court to court, but generally ranges from $175 to $250. The petitioner can refuse to pay it in case of financial hardship, and for this you must include a completed fee waiver form. If your affidavit of your financial situation confirms low income, your claim for free registration of the case will be satisfied.

As we noted before, submitting a joint petition lets you eliminate the step of delivering the documents to your spouse, saving you both time and hassle.

It is mandatory for at least one spouse to attend the hearing at the end of the process. It does not matter whether it is the initiating or defending party. At this stage the judge may ask a question or two to make sure you agree on all terms of the divorce claim and will give the dissolution decree. Before the hearing the couple will need to sign the papers and the judge will complete the rest, and the marital relationship is officially over.

NH divorce papers: First steps

Now you know what the whole process looks like and wish to know what divorce forms in NH are needed for filing. In this state, the document kit slightly differs from those of other states. Here you are able to prepare the joint petition for divorce, meaning you and your spouse ask the court to approve the divorce. Using this form saves a great deal of time as they do not have to prepare different forms and also demonstrate to the court that they are ready to cooperate to get their case resolved as soon as possible.

The information needed to complete the joint petition:

Names of each partner

Data about the marriage

Places of residence

Grounds for divorce.

In the state of NH, divorce papers must have a notary signature before being brought for registration.

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Filing for divorce in New Hampshire

In this section we review three different options you can choose from when filing for divorce in New Hampshire.

01 The Traditional Way

It may take a lot of time as you will need to take all these things into account:

  • Attorney’s availability - Your divorce might take months if your lawyer has a tight schedule.
  • Misunderstandings - Communication may become very stressful for both sides.
  • Lack of knowledge - As for New Hampshire divorce, filing out the documents requires extra knowledge of legal procedures.
  • High price - Get ready to spend thousands of dollars.


This option is a fully guided and effortless one. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cheap - Filing for divorce in New Hampshire without a lawyer significantly decreases your expenses.
  • No stress, no mountains of paperwork, no extra expenses.
  • Fast - File for divorce online in New Hampshire in a matter of minutes and get a full package of papers.

03 Other Divorce Providers

We are not sure that you’ll get what you pay for. Many of our customers decided to order with us after other divorce providers failed to provide all the documents filled out correctly. You may face the following issues:

  • No support - You can file for divorce in New Hampshire online but fail to get assistance if you need it.
  • Hidden payments - Most providers will charge extra money for obligatory forms.
  • Lots of time required for filling out the forms - To file for divorce online in New Hampshire, you are likely to wait for several weeks before you get your papers.
  • Little to no experience - Some online divorce providers are new on the market and might fail to figure out what you need.
  • No guarantees of court approval.

NH divorce forms

In the State of New Hampshire, the divorce forms that must be enclosed to the petition include:

Sheet of personal data

Form of vital statistics

An affidavit of finances.

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All documents must be prepared and signed by you and your spouse separately. If you have children who are younger than 18 years old and therefore will be affected by your divorce, you will have to provide a uniform order of support. This document is also common for both partners. The worksheet of child support guidelines is completed separately.

Our service is ready to prepare the stated document kit for you. The information you e-mail us is never shared with third parties and is never used for ad purposes. Moreover, we always keep all our forms up-to-date so that all papers we prepare for you are approved by the court, guaranteed.


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The divorce packet in New Hampshire includes a large number of different forms that are rather hard to collect. Failure to find a particular form might cause lots of problems and will make the overall divorce process much more complicated.


Preparing a New Hampshire divorce kit is considered to be the most time-consuming part of your legal breakup.


Getting a divorce with the lawyer's help is very expensive. You will receive all documents needed, but hiring an attorney will cost you several thousands of dollars.

Tired of all this stuff? Can’t cope with loads of forms, documents, papers, and certificates? With our online service, you will get everything done – now you can get a quicker and cheaper divorce with no stress!

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