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Life is unstable and one day you may feel the desire to end a marriage. It is a tough decision, especially if you are a family, so it is best to get through the process as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in this situation, Oklahoma online divorce is the optimal choice for you. Now, invest an hour and you will have your divorce papers in Oklahoma ready for printing. Then you can visit the notary to verify them quickly and file them without stress. To get acquainted with Oklahoma divorce documents, please read this guide and follow our tips.

Does dissolution of marriage in Oklahoma differ from divorce?

Those who have only started thinking about divorce are overwhelmed with this term. But the dissolution of marriage is just the formal definition of divorce. Unlike other states, during divorce filings in Oklahoma the party who wants to finish the marriage is called the petitioner and the answering party is the respondent. If you decide to have a do–it-yourself divorce in Oklahoma, you must learn these roles to understand the order of actions you should take and the paperwork you are to provide.

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Getting a divorce in Oklahoma

Getting a divorce in Oklahoma can seem complicated at first sight. But when you start searching for a specific guide on how to do it, you will see how clear it is. The very first issue to understand is the type of divorce you are going to carry out with your partner. There are two processes: uncontested or contested divorce. The former will give you a quick and cheap divorce in Oklahoma and therefore is more beneficial for both partners. The latter occurs when the separation is more complicated (e.g. you are unable to decide on the future care of your children) and the partners are not eager to coordinate in order to reconcile. If you are looking for an easy divorce in Oklahoma, figure out the stages of the uncontested option and follow them strictly.

Next you must figure out if you qualify for an uncontested divorce (just click the Check Eligibility button) and gather the necessary data for Oklahoma divorce papers. When they are completed, the whole pack of papers should be registered. After registration, the judge will review your OK divorce forms thoroughly, and depending on your circumstances and kind of divorce, he or she may invite you to a hearing. If you have chosen an uncontested divorce, the hearing is often short and a satisfactory decision is announced sooner than in the case of a contested divorce. The latter can result in multiple hearings and delays before the final decision is made.

Divorce papers Oklahoma

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma demands effort and time. There are different packets of divorce forms in Oklahoma: some are suitable for couples with children while others are suited for those without children. As you may guess, the kit for the latter is easier to gather since it requires fewer forms to submit. The basic document set to file for divorce in Oklahoma includes the petition for dissolution of marriage, verification sheet, settlement agreement, Cover sheet of Domestic Relations, Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice, Waiver and Entry of Appearance and Affidavit of Non-military.

Agreeing on your future division of responsibilities and property is crucial for the judge to consider your case uncontested. In do-it-yourself divorce, Oklahoma legislation also considers it uncontested when the defending partner signs the Response and agrees to all the demands of the petitioner.

Parents who are divorcing should add certain state of Oklahoma divorce forms, such as the Schedule and Sheet of Child Support. Also, if either partner is requesting personal support from the other spouse after marriage, he or she must provide financial statements.

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma

The first step for a successful quick divorce in Oklahoma is to familiarize yourself with the legal demands of the uncontested option. The first requirement is that at least one spouse must have lived in the state for half a year or served military service in the territory of Oklahoma. Second, all disagreements between the spouses must be settled before going to court. These factors are essential to a quick and cheap divorce in Oklahoma.

After the demands of Oklahoma legislation are met, you can start collecting your document kit for filing for divorce in Oklahoma (in the county where you or your partner lives). We are eager to assist you with completing your paperwork. After printing, making copies (we advise you to make two of each document) and signing your docs, you should register them in the local court. Note that at least one of the spouses must have lived in the county for one month minimum before the documents are filed. They should be submitted after you paid the case registration fees.

When your petition and other papers are registered, your spouse should be notified about it, which is done by delivering the documents to them. This stage can be carried out by accredited person, e.g., by the sheriff. The responding party is not required to sign the papers at the time of receiving them, but the server must notify the court when it is done. If you have done everything possible to inform your partner about the case but were unable to reach him or her, you must notify the judge by providing the Diligent Search Affidavit. The judge will let you publish the notification of your partner in the local press.

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Filing for divorce in Oklahoma:
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In this section we review three different options you can choose from when filing for divorce in Oklahoma.

01 The Traditional Way

It may take a lot of time as you will need to take all these things into account:

  • Attorney’s availability - Your divorce might take months if your lawyer has a tight schedule.
  • Misunderstandings - Communication may become very stressful for both sides.
  • Lack of knowledge - As for Oklahoma divorce, filing out the documents requires extra knowledge of legal procedures.
  • High price - Get ready to spend thousands of dollars.


This option is a fully guided and effortless one. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cheap - Filing for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer significantly decreases your expenses.
  • No stress, no mountains of paperwork, no extra expenses.
  • Fast - File for divorce online in Oklahoma in a matter of minutes and get a full package of papers.

03 Other Divorce Providers

We are not sure that you’ll get what you pay for. Many of our customers decided to order with us after other divorce providers failed to provide all the documents filled out correctly. You may face the following issues:

  • No support - You can file for divorce in Oklahoma online but fail to get assistance if you need it.
  • Hidden payments - Most providers will charge extra money for obligatory forms.
  • Lots of time required for filling out the forms - To file for divorce online in Oklahoma, you are likely to wait for several weeks before you get your papers.
  • Little to no experience - Some online divorce providers are new on the market and might fail to figure out what you need.
  • No guarantees of court approval.

Oklahoma divorce forms

Below are explanations of each form to help you understand what information is needed from you to complete your documents:

1. The petition for Dissolution of Marriage (this is the most important form to start the divorce process; it includes the names of partners, their addresses and birth dates, date of marriage, reasons for dissolution, statements regarding the desire to restore one’s surname)

2. Cover Sheet of Domestic Relations (this form provides the court with basic data about the suit parties and the kind of action they are filing)

3. Verification (the truthfulness of the information stated in the petition is reaffirmed by adding this form; it contains name of petitioner and county where the case is to be filed)

4. Settlement Agreement of Separation and Property Division (the form which describes the parties’ agreed-upon division of duties and property)

5. Entry of Appearance and Waiver (the form for the respondent to provide his or her name and confirm that an agreement has been reached – this should be the same info as you mentioned in the petition)

6. Affidavit of Non-military (here the petitioner also states their name and confirms that the respondent is not serving in the Armed Forces of the United States).

Do it yourself divorce in Oklahoma: Is it expensive?

Once you have decided to split up, the issue of money arises immediately, not only in terms of future distribution of finances, but also in terms of payments for the case discovery. In general, DIY divorce in Oklahoma will cost much less than paying an attorney to represent you. Moreover, if you are having an uncontested divorce and eliminated all disagreements with your partner, an attorney will not be necessary at all. But still there are some unavoidable expenses, such as the filing fee. This fee varies from $180 to $260, thus the overall amount you could spend filing for divorce in Oklahoma without an attorney is under $300. The price of a lawyer’s services is about $240 per hour, so the benefits of representing yourself in court are obvious.

Divorce documents kit Oklahoma: What we do

We provide services to prepare OK divorce papers quickly. With our website operating across the United States, cheap Oklahoma divorce has become a reality. The paperwork you receive is ready for submission to the court, you only need to sign the necessary fields.

Our service is secure and we do not ask you to provide us with private information such as your bank account information, etc. If you have any other questions or need advice on our website, feel free to contact the Customer Care Agents.

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Divorce documents in Oklahoma: fast facts


The divorce packet in Oklahoma includes a large number of different forms that are rather hard to collect. Failure to find a particular form might cause lots of problems and will make the overall divorce process much more complicated.


Preparing a Oklahoma divorce kit is considered to be the most time-consuming part of your legal breakup.


Getting a divorce with the lawyer's help is very expensive. You will receive all documents needed, but hiring an attorney will cost you several thousands of dollars.

Tired of all this stuff? Can’t cope with loads of forms, documents, papers, and certificates? With our online service, you will get everything done – now you can get a quicker and cheaper divorce with no stress!

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