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Uncontested divorce in Oregon

Ending a marriage is always a tough decision for both parties. However, the spouses can also choose whether to lighten the burden of breakup or not, having two options for dissolution of marriage in Oregon:

  • Contested option. When spouses are in serious disputes concerning property division, child custody and support, or alimony, they initiate a contested dissolution. In this case, it is necessary to hire lawyers, whose services usually cost a fortune. Such kind of marriage dissolution is considered the most stressful one due to its length, as it can last for months.
  • Uncontested alternative. This way of ending a marriage is much cheaper and smoother for both spouses. However, it is only possible when there are no disputes concerning any important matter. A big advantage of this divorce type is that the couple does not necessarily need to hire an attorney as they can agree on all the dissolution aspects on their own. Finally, such divorce is usually quite fast as it can be finalized as soon as the waiting period established by the state is over.

However, there is a process that is inevitable in both cases – filling out the paperwork. It is quite difficult to find all the needed documents on one’s own as there are a lot of outdated and incorrect forms that won’t be accepted by the court. The best way to avoid such troubles is to use OnlineDivorcer.

Our company is one of the pioneers on the divorce market helping spouses all over the US to end their marriage quickly and for an affordable price. We provide filled out case-specific documents for uncontested divorces along with filing instructions so that our customers can quickly and easily finalize their dissolution.

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Filing for divorce in Oregon without a lawyer

Follow these steps to get an uncontested dissolution in Oregon:

  • Check whether you and your spouse meet the residency requirements of the state. In Oregon, either spouse must have lived in the state for at least 6 months before filing.
  • Prepare and fill in all the necessary forms.
  • File them in in the court of the county where you or your spouse reside and pay a filing fee.
  • Serve your spouse. You can send the documents to your ex if he or she agrees to sign the Acceptance of Service form.
  • Wait until the judge makes a decision and finalizes your divorce. In Oregon, there are no court appearances or hearings for an uncontested divorce.

How to complete a do it yourself divorce in Oregon?

Due to the fact that a lawyer’s fee is quite high in the state, many people may decide to opt for a DIY divorce in Oregon. If you are also considering such an option, you have to be aware of the pitfalls of the do it yourself divorce in Oregon process:

  • First of all, you need to check whether you qualify for uncontested divorce. You need to a) meet the residency requirements; b) be in a full agreement with your spouse.
  • Next, you need to visit the state official website. Here, you have to look for all the divorce-related information. Apart from that, you will have to find all the needed forms. If you do not know for sure what forms you need, try getting legal advice.
  • If you have children, check your state child support and custody guidelines. You will also need to fill in a lot of child-related forms. Besides, you must find out whether you have to attend parenting classes before the dissolution.
  • Fill in the forms. Be sure to search for the meanings of confusing phrases as this way, you will be less likely to answer incorrectly.
  • Print, sing, and file the documents.
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Oregon divorce forms

There are a lot of documents that you may be required to fill out. However, we have collected the most frequently required ones:

  • A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Summons
  • Acceptance of Service
  • Notice of Statutory Restraining Order Preventing the Dissipation of Assets and Request for Hearing.

Oregon divorce papers online

In order to get your OR divorce forms filled out, you will need to have the following information on your hands:

  • Your and your spouse’s full name and date of birth.
  • Date and location of your marriage.
  • Your and your spouse’s current address, as well as the address of all real property you own.
  • Full names, dates of birth, and current address of your children.
  • Information about your income, debt, insurance, and taxes.
  • Workplace information – both yours and spouse’s.
  • Info about vehicles you both own, such as model, make, year, and VIN.
  • SSN and driver’s license number.
  • Information about any previous court cases involving you or your children.
  • Description of property you and your spouse own.
  • Financial accounts information.

There might be some additional details required depending on your individual case.

Things you need to know


You must file a Petition for dissolution of marriage with the county courthouse. Then you have to provide the copies of the served forms to your spouse. He or she then has 30 days to respond to the Petition.

Residency Requirements

Either spouse must have lived in the state for at least 6 months prior to filing.

Waiting Period

There is no mandatory waiting period in the state of Oregon.

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Getting a divorce in Oregon with a child

When Oregon couples decide to split up, they must make major decisions concerning child custody and support.

  • Oregon court requires both spouses to present a parenting plan on how the child’s time will be divided between both parents. It has to include a schedule specifying where and when the child will reside, what will be the transportation arrangements, how the spouses are going to resolve the possible disputes and make child-related decisions, etc.
  • The parenting plan that was presented by both spouses will most likely be accepted by the judge.
  • If the spouses are unable to agree on a plan, then the judge will have to make a decision based on the following aspects: the relationship between the child and both parents, any history of domestic abuse and neglect, each party’s contribution to the child’s upbringing along with financial situation and social status of spouses.
  • In most cases, in Oregon, one parent has physical custody over the child, while the other one possesses visitation rights.
  • Child support in the state is determined by the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. Child support can still be awarded to one of the parents even if both are granted joint custody.


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