In 2020, we were thrilled to see so many aspiring law professionals applying for our scholarship program and sharing their stories. This year, we want to make the scholarship opportunity even more accessible and are opening it up for law students all over the world!

Our team will award $2,500 to an applicant who will write a remarkable divorce-related article. Moreover, two other students will receive $100 awards and will be published in our blog along with the winner and other participants with impressive writing skills. You are welcome to review all the information regarding our 2021 scholarship and apply here.

OnlineDivorcer believes in empowering students to advance in their learning and achieve their academic and professional goals. Greg Semmit, the winner of 2020 scholarship, has not only received a $1,000 award, but also became a part of our editorial team. Samantha Jozwiak, who was one of the applicants that year, had also received a job offer and joined our legal writing family. We love seeing them grow their expertise and using it to further their careers. Hopefully, with our scholarship program, you will be able to do the same!

We have announced the start of our 2021 Scholarship Program on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Feel free to subscribe to OnlineDivorcer to receive updates and learn about the results.