Arizona Divorce Process

Ending your official relationship can be very stressful, especially when you have common children. The emotions can often make you irrational while discussing the terms and conditions of your official breakup. Don’t allow them to take over the divorce process.

If you believe your civil union is over, it’s time to start the divorce process in AZ. Once you qualify to start the dissolution process in Arizona by living there for three months, feel free to complete the set of necessary documents.

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In the special petition, you will specify the information about your incomes, debts and loans, common children, and shared assets. Also, you need to express your expectations regarding all the issues of your separation. For example, if you are asking for financial support, then you must include this request in the document. If your partner agrees to your terms and conditions, you must then hand over all the paperwork to your local administrative bureau. Be ready to cover the service charge taken by the government. If you are unable to pay this fee, you can send a written request to the administrative body to have this charge waived.

As soon as all the documents are sent, you have to wait at least two months while your claim is pending. When it comes to divorce in Arizona, the process may take 2-6 months on average. The moment your case is reviewed by the administrative body, the decision on ending your civil union will be issued. You and your partner will have to sign it to finalize the process.

If you and your partner are unable to reach consent, be ready to see each other more than once at trial. In this case, a resolution will be made by the administrative body without your direct input. In AZ, the divorce process can be quite unpredictable, especially when certain circumstances take place.

Arizona divorce law

With a no-fault reason, you can initiate the dissolution process without going deeper into the detail as to why your union doesn’t work anymore. According to the divorce law in Arizona, it is only necessary to point out that you are unable stay together as a couple.

As soon as you initiate the process, you will be charged for claiming and service processing. The total amount you must pay may vary from one county to another. Depending on your financial circumstances, you might be able to have this payment waived.

When it comes to divorce law, Arizona allows you to represent yourself during the process. In this case, you must follow all legislative acts and the correct procedures applicable to your case. To reduce the burden, you might need some help. We are ready to assist you with the obligatory paperwork, making the process much easier.

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