Maine Divorce Laws

Before you start your divorce, it’s important to find out everything you need about the local regulations that apply to your situation. The process of getting divorced is never an easy one, but you can simplify matters substantially if you choose to go through an uncontested breakup. However, no matter what type of dissolution you have chosen, it’s necessary to first get acquainted with the state of Maine divorce laws.

The first thing you should remember is that this state has a range of demands for separating couples. Among other things, these include residency requirements that need to be fulfilled before you begin the process:

  • The person who applies for the breakup must permanently live in the state for a period of 6 months or more before the petition is filed.
  • The plaintiff must be a local resident and the marriage must have happened within the state.
  • According to divorce law in Maine, the individual who files for the case must remain a citizen of the state when the process is initiated and the spouses must have lived here when the cause of the breakup emerged.
  • The respondent must be a local resident at the time when the complaint is provided to the court.

As suggested by Maine State divorce laws, the filing party must provide the petition to the local court in the region where either of the partners resides. The copies of the documents must then be served on the other party, which can be done using one of the following methods:

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  • With the help of a sheriff
  • By means of certified mail

After the papers are served, your case will be started and the final trial will be held around 60 days after you submit the papers to the court.

The divorce laws in Maine suggest that you must agree on all aspects related to the future breakdown of your union if you want to get things done more easily by going through the breakup online. In this case, you might need to resolve any issues regarding spousal support, child support and the distribution of your belongings.

As for the Maine divorce laws on alimony, the decision of the court on this matter may be affected by numerous factors, like the financial capabilities of both spouses and even adultery. In fact, the infidelity of one partner may not affect property distribution or child custody, but it may affect the way alimony is assigned. However, this may only happen if the guilty party has used shared resources for his/her affair; for example, buying gifts and other luxuries with the common financial assets of the spouses.

Grounds for divorce in Maine

Many things may serve as a reason for the dissolution of marriage in Maine. These include:

  • The infidelity of one partner
  • Impotence
  • Violent behavior and abuse of a spouse
  • Abandonment for 3 years or more
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Cruel treatment.

However, when it’s an uncontested breakup, you may split up without accusing your spouse of any misdeeds. Instead, according to the divorce in Maine laws on this matter, you may get divorced due to no-fault reasons, which include irreconcilable differences that prevent you from maintaining your relationship.

As a result, online breakup is the easiest solution for couples who want to split up without extra costs or difficulties.

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