Hawaii Divorce Law

All states have unique grounds for dissolution of marriage, residency requirements and waiting periods. Thus, the divorce law in Hawaii has its own set of legal regulations governing the dissolution process. The local government doesn’t require you to explain why you decided to divorce. And if you want to speed up the process, divorce laws in Hawaii recommend you and your partner to come to an agreement regarding all aspects of your separation. In Hawaii, divorce laws insist on a compromise on such issues as child support, common assets, property sharing, etc. When it comes to financial matters, the government aims to ensure that both partners have enough money to continue to live normally. Based on Hawaii divorce laws, alimony is awarded according to current incomes, financial contribution to the family budget, as well as common children. All these factors affect, if not determine, the whole dissolution process.

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Divorce process in Hawaii

Each particular case has a unique set of circumstances that determines the process. Generally, there is a standard routine you need to go through to end your civil union. To initiate the process, you should complete some paperwork. There, you specify your personal information, financial resources, common assets, debts, and other significant details. Copies of all the documents must be sent to your partner for approval and signing. As soon as this is done, you send all the documentation to the administrative bureau. You will pay a service charge that may vary from one county to another. The filling fee for divorce in Hawaii is $250 if you have common children and $200 if you do not. If you can’t pay this service charge, you may ask the administrative body to waive it. Your application will be approved if you meet certain criteria.

In Hawaii, the local government doesn’t set strict timeframes for a waiting period. Thus, the entire dissolution process may last up to several months, depending on the complexity of your circumstances. If you are lucky, you will get your claim reviewed by the administrative body within one week.

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Grounds for divorce in Hawaii

Before you end your official relationship, there are divorce requirements in Hawaii which you are legally obligated to meet. First, you or your partner must have lived in the state for half a year before taking action. Second, you must specify the grounds of divorce in Hawaii. As long as you don’t need to go deeper into the details of the reasons for your separation, you can state that your civil union can’t last any longer. This is the major legally approved reason accepted by the court.

Once you decide to finalize your official relationship, it is important to gain a general understanding of this legal process. In this case, knowledge becomes a major asset in the battle. We are here to help you with that.

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