Divorce laws in Utah

Being an essential part of modern social life, divorce has a number of established procedures intended to ensure due process. Hence, those residents of Utah who have decided to split up with their spouse should thoroughly research the main aspects of divorce law in Utah in order to learn more about the core aspects of this legal procedure. Although each state has its own unique regulations, divorce laws in Utah are similar to those used throughout the country. One of the basic requirements of local rules lies in the fact that at least one petitioner (either the wife or husband) must reside in Utah for at least 90 days in order to have their petition considered by the district court.

However, there are lots of other issues that are of interest to couples who are divorcing. One is Utah divorce laws on alimony, as breaking the bonds of matrimony could affect children. The spouse requesting alimony must assure the judge they have a sound reason for receiving this payment from their spouse (in most cases, childcare expenses). A judge should consider the financial background of both spouses and their ability to work when making a final decision that falls under Utah divorce laws on alimony.

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Divorcing couples should also be informed about Utah divorce laws on adultery. Cheating can cause a great deal of emotional upset, which may result in one or both parties wanting a divorce. Realizing the significance of the emotions involved, local legislation treats adultery as a fair condition to meet the demands of the petitioner. 

When speaking about Utah divorce laws on property distribution, the estate expects fair and equitable division of property. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the court will make an unfair decision that takes advantage of either spouse. Based on Utah divorce laws, families with children have to decide on all matters before initiating a divorce procedure (child custody and child support). Even though child custody is a rather controversial issue, it does not create any barriers to individuals filing for an uncontested divorce.

The divorce process in Utah

Actually, the Utah divorce process is similar to the processes in other states. A spouse who has resided in Utah for at least 90 days must go to court and write a petition. According to local legislation, it will take no less than 30 days after the petition has been registered in the district court for a hearing to be held. Moreover, if you file for an uncontested divorce, you can expect a streamlined procedure and, in some cases, even avoid appearing in front of a judge if everything is clear with the case.

Grounds for divorce in Utah

Generally, Utah grounds for divorce include the following:

  • Adultery occurring in the marriage
  • The respondent has impotency or has willfully deserted the petitioner
  • The respondent has steady problems with substance abuse
  • The respondent has been convicted of a felony or has been diagnosed with incurable insanity.

Although there are other grounds, these are the main ones that can influence decisions made by the judge.  

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