MN Divorce Laws

Getting divorced takes much more effort than getting married, and the whole process may take up to several months to be finished. It’s no different in Minnesota, where you have to meet all the legal requirements and fill out various official forms. Also, divorce laws in MN are subject to constant changes. By knowing all the nuances, the process becomes easier.

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Before you even start the divorce process in MN, you should consider the residency requirements. At least one of the spouses must have lived in the state within the last 180 days of the time of filing. If this is not the case, the process can still be initiated in the county where one of you lives.

Divorce law in Minnesota

According to the divorce laws, MN is viewed as a no-fault state, meaning that you don’t need your partner’s consent to end your official relationship. You just need to prove that your marriage must end as there is no hope for reconciliation. In this case, the government doesn’t want to know the reasons behind your separation as this information won’t have any direct impact on the final verdict.

If you’re not sure that you can manage all the paperwork by yourself, we are ready to assist you with that. Also, it’s important to have someone who can give you some basic information on how to behave during the legal process. The number of hearings depends on the legal regulations, as well as the compromise between the spouses on the issues regarding common children, finances, property, etc.

MN divorce process

Every marriage is different, and you will encounter a unique set of circumstances when ending your official relationship. At the same time, there are some standard steps to getting a divorce in Minnesota. To start the process, you should fill out all the needed forms for your divorce case and file them with the court. As soon as this is done, you will have to pay a service fee of around $375, as stated in MN laws on divorce. There may be some additional fees required by the government depending on the specifics of your case. If you’re having difficulty covering this cost, you can apply for a waiver by meeting a set of criteria.

According to Minnesota divorce rules, your partner must express his/her agreement with the dissolution in order to speed up the process. If you manage to reach a compromise with each other, all the papers will be submitted to the judge for approval and finalization. If a compromise can’t be reached, the process continues with a pre-trial meeting. In case, this doesn’t end up being helpful, be ready to see each other in court so that a resolution will be made without your direct input. Even by following all the divorce laws, Minnesota divorce can be unpredictable and it can be difficult to end your official relationship.

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