Washington State Divorce Laws

The divorce process is marked with many complex emotional, financial, and legal aspects that must be addressed. Thus, it is crucial to have a general understanding of the basic legislative procedures and documentation to protect your rights properly.

Since each US state has its own set of divorce regulations, Washington is no exception. All the common issues like division of property, financial support, and child support are also resolved at the state level. Since Washington does not have a minimum period of residency before filing, you can take action immediately after moving there.

Washington divorce laws

If you decide to end your official union here, there are three essential things you should know. They are applicable to all forms of dissolution that are registered in the divorce laws in Washington State.

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First, the state does not need to know which party is at fault; it is sufficient to state that your marriage can’t be saved and must be terminated. Second, you should remember that WA is a community property state, meaning that all the assets acquired by you as a couple must be divided equally. There might be some exceptions such as gifts or inheritance, but generally both parties are viewed as shared owners by the government. Finally, equal division of property and liabilities isn’t organized in a “50/50” manner, but rather in a fair and accurate one. Thus, the duration of the divorce process depends on your exact case, namely your ability to reach a consent regarding your common children, finances, property, etc.

You may lead your divorce process on your own, but it would be better to have some assistance with the necessary documentation and the legal process itself. With our document assistant service, you will get things right from the first try.

WA State divorce laws

In most US states, there is a waiting period within which the final verdict is given by the court. According to the state of Washington divorce laws, there is a period of three months between the time the paperwork is filed and the time the dissolution verdict is issued. This is the minimum amount of time required to finalize this legal procedure. However, it will likely take more time if there are issues under dispute. This is a crucial aspect that could delay the whole process for months or even years.

Washington State divorce process

Every case is marked with unique circumstances and the dissolution process varies from one to another. Still, there are some general steps that need to be taken by all divorcing couples.

The divorce process in Washington State begins when one partner completes the mandatory forms and sends them to the other partner. All the agreed terms of the divorce need to be approved by both parties. If this is the case, you file the documents with the court and pay a service charge as well as any additional costs if applicable. Divorce in Washington State process has a waiting period of three months, during which some temporary orders can be issued by the court. This is usually required for managing the use of assets, financial support, planning child support, etc. If all the documents are in order and both parties agree on all the conditions of their separation, the case should be finalized. Still, the waiting period must take place, so you will have to be patient until the final verdict is provided.

In Washington, the divorce process won’t be easy if both parties can’t reach a consensus on the major aspects of their dissolution. Most likely, the legal process will take much longer than three months. In WA State, the divorce process without an agreement between the partners is left in the hands of local authorities. Thus, be ready to go to trial to resolve the disputed issues.

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