North Dakota Divorce Laws

Divorce is not always a simple task, especially if it’s a contested dissolution that requires you to attend hearings and hire expensive lawyers. However, the divorce laws in North Dakota allow you to deal with the task more easily and undergo the process online.

In this case, you’ll avoid lots of problems and will be able to split up much faster and without too much effort. But to achieve this, you’ll have to fulfill certain demands. Thus, to divorce in North Dakota, it’s necessary to follow the residency requirements, such as:

  • The filing party must reside in the state for half a year or more before the application process starts.
  • According to divorce laws in ND, if the filing party doesn’t meet the above demand, the divorce may still be granted but only if the plaintiff has lived within the borders of the state for half a year before the case becomes final.

No matter which type of procedure you select, it’s necessary to make sure the above demands are met with precision.

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Details about ND divorce laws

Local regulations state that there can be different grounds for divorce in North Dakota. These can be fault-based and no-fault grounds. When it’s an uncontested case, the reasons must be no-fault and the majority of spouses choose irreconcilable differences as the ground for their divorce.

If, however, it’s the traditional procedure, the grounds are always related to the misconduct of one of the spouses. These may include:

  • Infidelity
  • Cruel treatment
  • Abandonment
  • Alcohol or substance addiction
  • Conviction of a crime, and others.

According to the North Dakota divorce laws on adultery, the act of infidelity committed by one of the spouses may possibly affect such aspects as alimony or financial support of the other spouse. However, before this issue is resolved, many other factors will also be taken into account before the final verdict will be made.

In any case, it is necessary to prove that adultery or other wrongdoing has occurred. Besides, to divorce in ND, it is also necessary to resolve other problems like the distribution of belongings, childcare and child visitation procedures, among others.

All about the North Dakota divorce process

If it’s an uncontested process, the problems related to your marriage and subsequent breakup must be resolved in a friendly way. It’s necessary to make sure you come to terms with your spouse on everything related to the case. Otherwise, you will have to pay huge sums for the legal advice of lawyers.

The divorce process in ND states that you must prepare all the paperwork correctly and submit all the documents to the appropriate courthouse. Luckily, when you complete the process online, all the paperwork can be obtained easily and quickly through our service. Our experts offer full support with the preparation of divorce documents for North Dakota.

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